Graduate in Counseling Internship

Treasure Wellness Counseling and Training Center

Treasure Wellness serves as a training site for graduate students in marriage and family therapy and counseling. These trainees practice under close supervision of Clinical Supervisors.

We have up to ten interns from area universities at any one time. Interns are graduate students in the final stages of preparation for a Masters Degree in the counseling field. Interns are supervised by our Clinical Supervisors as well as faculty from their respective university. Participating universities include: Capella University, Liberty University, Northwest Nazarene University, Boise State University, NorthCentral University, University of the Cumberlands, and Idaho State University.

Treasure Wellness will work to assist students in development and refinement of clinical and professional skills necessary to function as a competent and ethical entry level counselor.  We will assist students in integrating the knowledge of “self” with the professional identity in order to become an effective instrument of change.  We will work to increase the student’s awareness and appreciation of individual and group differences, as well as to develop sensitivity to issues of culture, age, gender, religion, and other areas of human diversity.

Practicum Students

The Practicum is twelve to twenty hours a week of intensive experience in learning the basics of individual, couple and family counseling. Practicum students observe staff and interns, co-counsel and take responsibility for appropriate cases with close supervision. The practicum is only available in cooperation with area universities.

Internship Students

The internship is twenty to thirty hours a week intensive experience of training in counseling, including individual, couple, family and group therapy experiences.  The internship program is ideal for individuals wishing to work in private practice, community mental health or faith-based related agencies.

Individual Supervision

Individual supervision is available for area professionals who wish to monitor their skills or attain their clinical license post graduate studies, master’s program or licensure.


Training Activities


Orientation—students are required to attend an orientation as well as familiarize themselves with the Procedures Manual and Policies of Treasure Wellness.

Individual Supervision—students will meet with their supervisor at least once weekly. Supervision is triadic in nature. The supervisor will provide written feedback at mid-semester and end of semester or as the university requires.

Group Supervision—students meet weekly for staffing with the other interns and the Clinical Supervisors for one hour to discuss issues common to the operation of the business as well as concerns and comments about the counseling process. Interns are assigned times for case presentation and intervention presentation over the  course of the semester.

Seminars and Workshops—students are expected to support at least two, three-hour seminars every six months. Seminars can be chosen from a variety of subjects such as parenting, marriage, pre-marital education, grief and loss, divorce, anger management, and stress reduction.

Other Experiences

Outreach—Students have the opportunity to present seminars, classes and meet with civic and religious organizations on topics of mutual interest.

Groups—Students may offer groups that fulfill their requirements for group work. Times, subjects and locations are negotiated with the Clinical Supervisors.